Nicolas Farrugia’s website

I am assistant professor at IMT Atlantique, an elite technical university in France. I am co-leading the BRAIn project (Better Representations for Artificial Intelligence) together with Vincent Gripon and Claude Berrou.

My research interests include developing innovative methods to better understand the brain using modern machine learning and deep learning. On the methods side, BRAIN develops methods based on Graphs, such as Graph Signal Processing and Graph neural networks. Regarding aplications in Neuroscience, I am particularly interested in auditory / music perception, time perception and sensorimotor timing (see here) and the effect of music on the brain in healthy subjects and patients (see here), as well as involuntary musical imagery (a.k.a. earworms, see here and here). More recently, BRAIN has started to investigate the estimation of encoding models of brain activity using deep transfer learning.

I am also a musician (I play jazz vibraphone and electronic instruments), and engage into transdisciplinary efforts in Art and Science projects.